Rosanne Sloots, Viola player.

Currently second year student
at the Royal Conservatory The Hague.

About Rosanne

Rosanne Sloots (Zeist, 1996) started playing the violin at the age of five with Thirza van Driel. When she was twelve, she studied with Cécile Maassen, who taught her both violin and viola. In 2013 Rosanne decided to continue her musical education on the viola with Liesbeth Steffens. In 2014 she was accepted for the bachelor at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where she is currently a second year student with Liesbeth. Rosanne had masterclasses with Garth Knox, Ferdinand Erblich and Bouw Lemkes.

Rosanne is experienced in chamber music and orchestra playing. In addition, she teaches the violin and viola, and she is available as a freelance viola player for parties and ceremonies.


At a young age Rosanne started to play in orchestras. When she was ten years old, she joined the Domstad Youth Orchestra (DJO), where she became the principal second violin- and later the principal viola player. From 2011 until 2014 Rosanne played in the Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (JON) and in 2013 she also started in the Dutch Youth StringOrchestra (NJSO), where she was principal viola player from 2015 until 2016. In January 2016 she participated in the winter tour of the National Youth Orchestra (NJO). She also substituted in several youth- and student orchestras.


From the age of fifteen, Rosanne helped fellow pupils and students with playing violin. She coached them in the period preceding a concert or audition. Since September 2015, Rosanne has been following an educational minor at the Royal Conservatory, where she has methodology lessons and other subjects concerning teaching. This helps her to understand the correct way of teaching. She is very motivated to teach and she wants to gain more experience. Currently, she is teaching one student, but there is room for more students (especially young children).


Rosanne plays on a Dutch viola that was built in 2006, by Daniël Royé (1957) in Amsterdam. This instrument was provided by the National Musical Instrument Foundation (NMF), and Rosanne has been using it since 2013.
The instrument is 41,6 cm long and also quite thick. Because of the relatively big corpus, the viola produces a large and warm sound, which Rosanne still enjoys very much. She also likes the fact that the builder of this viola is still alive. She often visits him with questions or small problems, and from him she has learned a lot more about the instrument.
For more information about the viola, the builder or the NMF:

Solo Playing

Rosanne has given solo performances on several occasions. When she was twelve years old, she played Bailes Para Orquesta by R. Meyer with the Domstad Youth Orchestra. Years later, she was asked to play solo with the Dutch Youth StringOrchestra. She played Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 by J.S. Bach with Liselot Blomaard (viola). In June there will be another solo performance, this time with the Hague Student Symphony Orchestra Valerius.

Besides other solo recitals, Rosanne played on many different ceremonies. She is available to play at occasions such as funerals, birthday parties and weddings. The repertoire for this consists of cello suites by J.S. Bach and Fantasies by G.F. Telemann.

Chamber Music

Since she was twelve years old, Rosanne has been playing chamber music. During high school she played in a permanent string quartet in which the three violin players took turns in playing the viola. In 2011 this quartet participated in the Princes Christina Concours (PCC) and attended Summercourse Woudschoten multiple times. During this course, young musicians form (or already have) an ensemble with which they have masterclasses every day. Rosanne attended this course five times, and she gained lots of experience in making chamber music. In the first year of her bachelor, she played in a string quartet, with which she gave several concerts. This year she plays in a piano quartet.


Please feel free to get in touch for musical questions, remarks, violin/viola lessons, or if you want live music on an event or ceremony.